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General Information - Debt Retirement Charge
Mar 30, 2012 . This guide provides an overview of the Debt Retirement Charge (DRC) . debt, of the former Ontario Hydro, including the stranded debt. DRC is .

Ontario Hydro's legacy of debt - thestar.com
Aug 6, 2010 . Ontario residents can look forward to paying off the debts of the old Ontario Hydro for many years to come.

Hydro debt charge to stay for years, agency says - thestar.com
Sep 1, 2011 . Ontario electricity users will continue to pay the much-loathed debt retirement charge on their hydro bills for another four to seven years, says .

Hydro debt charge: a layman's guide
Hydro debt charge: a layman's guide. Electricity misinformation, disinformation, and the real truth! As Ontario renews its ability to generate and transmit electricity .

Ontario's Stranded Nuclear Debt: A Cautionary Tale
were transferred to Ontario Power Generation (OPG). However, in order to keep OPG solvent, $19.4 billion of. Ontario Hydro's debt or unfunded liabilities .

Hydro Debt | Elect Bill MacDonald
Aug 21, 2011 . We learned today from the Auditor General that Tim Hudak isn't telling the truth when he says that old PC debts from Ontario Hydro are now .

The Difference between Whole Life Insurance and ontario hydro debt

Here’s the difference in a nutshell:

Ontario Hydro Debt Reduction Charge Petition
Dec 5, 2006 . Ontario Hydro Debt Reduction Charge. Author: n/a; Send To: Ontario Ministry of Energy. Sponsored By: More Info at: Are you the Author?

My Bill Explained - Hydro One
The charges used to pay down the debt of the former Ontario Hydro. This charge will also be calculated based on your metered usage, so it will change from one .

A recent development on universal life

3.04: Electricity Sector-Stranded Debt - Auditor General of Ontario
to service Ontario Hydro's substantial outstanding debt. On April 1, 1999, the Ministry of Finance determined . and the $38.1 billion of Ontario Hydro legacy debt .

Hazardous Hudak Would Go Backwards On Hydro Debt
Aug 18, 2011 . We learned today from the Auditor General that Tim Hudak isn't telling the truth when he says that old PC debts from Ontario Hydro are now .

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