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Distribution of property in Ontario
The Ontario Family Law Act sets out a formula for the calculation of marital . A good lawyer will be able to determine the best valuation of your pension. . wills and life insurance beneficiaries have been changed; or purchasing property .

Family Property - Ontario
This article deals with Ontario's Family Law Act and only applies to residents of Ontario. . For the purposes of valuing and dividing family property, the Family Law Act . These include life insurance proceeds, gifts, inheritances, and monetary .

CanLII - Family Law Act, RSO 1990, c F.3
(2)Limitation on jurisdiction of Ontario Court of Justice . Proceeds or a right to proceeds of a policy of life insurance, as defined under the Insurance Act, that are .

The issues that arise when a divorce court considers life insurance policies and benefits are many and varied. . 97-05405 (Fla. Dist . As a general rule, a life insurance policy in existence at the time of valuation of property is valued at its cash .

Ontario Family Law Act section 4(2)
Ontario Family Law Act. Section 4(2) - Excluded Property (2) The value of the following property that a spouse owns on the valuation date does not form part of .

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Family Property Division in Ontario: A Primer on Equalization of Net ...
Section 4(1) of the FLA provides that the valuation date is the earliest of the . Proceeds or a right to proceeds of a policy of life insurance, as defined under the .

Family Law Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. F.3 - e-Laws - Ontario.ca
Family Law Act . “valuation date” means the earliest of the following dates: . Proceeds or a right to proceeds of a policy of life insurance, as defined under the .

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Experienced family lawyer in Ontario Canada. . a marriage breaks down are governed by Part I and Part II of the Family Law Act (FLA). . Proceeds from a life insurance policy payable on the death of the insured person; . Household items such as furniture and kitchen appliances are not usually valued individually, but are .

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The valuation of a 'contingent' interest in a discretionary trust under the FLA is . spouse will receive all insurance proceeds from policies on the deceased's life, naming her as . The Tataryn Estate approach fits well in the Ontario legislation.

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