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Jul 4, 2009 . Hamilton is the most respected financial pioneer in American History, but Andrew Jackson is the only President to eliminate National debt and .

Who Was The President At The Only Time National Debt Was Paid ...
There have been two and ONLY 2 presidents to ever balance the budget in this country - and only 1 who eliminated the national debt (Bill Clinton).

Our Presidents and the National Debt | The Freeman | Ideas On Liberty
Our first presidents took the national debt seriously and handled it with courage and . Not only did Washington wage the war, serve as president, and help . years continue—and there are very few politicians who wish to stop it—our debt by .

The United States National Debt -- 233 years in the making
Martin Van Buren, Eighth President, party: Democrat from New York. National Debt 1801-1850 In 1835 it had been fully paid off, for the first and only time in .

Increases in the National Debt Chart
To see the levels of the National Debt from 1791 1953 to the present, click Historical . and they're still trying to eliminate every Federal social program, not only the . Democratic President Jimmy Carter's 1980 increase in the national debt was .

The United States on Track to Pay Off the Debt by End of the Decade
Dec 28, 2000 . Help Site Map Text Only . Today, President Clinton will announce that The United States is on course to . By dedicating the entire budget surplus to debt reduction, The United States can eliminate its publicly held debt by FY 2009. . The national debt is projected to be paid down by $237 billion this year.

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If we are to be indebted let it be to our country and not the bankers. . President Andrew Jackson won the presidency in 1828 with the promise to end the national debt and eliminate . He is the only president in history to have this distinction.

Debt-Free Government
That red ink is greater if the total national debt is considered. . And the experience of President Andrew Jackson, the only president to eliminate the debt , should .

National Debt | Meet the Facts : Meet the Press Needs Fact-checking
FACT-CHECK: Andrea Mitchell – The debt commission was set up only after . MITCHELL: The reason the president appointed the debt commission was . But the surpluses in 1999 and 2000 were not enough to eliminate the national debt.

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The National Debt: A Better Way to Handle It
The federal debt was $75 million when Washington became president and $82 . had reduced the federal debt to $38 thousand, only to see the country plunge into . Or are we willing to stop where we are while we may still be able to recover .

Timeline | The Jackson Family | The Hermitage
The Hermitage - Home of President Andrew Jackson . Andrew Jackson was the only President in American History to pay off the national debt and leave office with the country in the black . Operated on to remove bullet from Benton gunfight.

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